Use This Simple “Secret Method” To Speak English Like A Native Almost Instantly

... Even if you’re too shy or nervous to open your mouth

Hey, I’m Teacher Tiffani

And today I’ll share a secret method for speaking like a native faster than you ever imagined.

In America, we learn this method in high school and college so that we can express our ideas clearly from a young age.

But, until now, this method has remained a secret to non-native English speakers.

Once you discover this method, you'll speak English naturally and effortlessly, as if it's your first language.

No more uncomfortable moments when fluent English speakers exchange surprised looks because you made a mistake.

No more feeling small or ashamed for speaking incorrectly. Just clear, confident English.

But first, let’s see... 

Why do traditional methods make English students too nervous to speak? 

Because they focus on reading, writing, grammar rules, and vocabulary, making you overthink and translate in your head.

This approach slows your speech and freezes your brain during conversations, as it's not intuitive. 

So, what is the key to speaking like a native? 

The key is to learn as natives do.

Native English speakers don't constantly think about grammar rules or what words to use.

Speaking comes naturally to them. And that's what this method will do for you.

You CAN speak like a native.

Your only problem is that the traditional methods make you search for words and fear mistakes.

But I'll show you how to unlock what's already in your mind in just 5 easy steps.

After one month, you’ll start thinking like a native.

After three months, you’ll confidently answer any question.

And within a year, speaking will become intuitive. You’ll speak English effortlessly and naturally like a native.

So, what is this secret method? 

Introducing the Speak English Like a Native Membership

  • The membership reveals the secret 5-Step Formula that instantly makes you think and speak like a native.

  • You’ll dive into real-life conversations between natives, analyze the patterns they use, and learn to apply them effortlessly in your speech to make it intuitive for you to speak.

  • Every month, you will apply the 5-Step Formula to subjects like technology, fashion, and travel, enhancing your language skills and expanding your global knowledge.

  • You’ll also join a global family of over 1,000 English students worldwide. So you’ll never be alone in your English journey.

  • Our community is a friendly, welcoming space where friendships grow. Sometimes, these friendships lead to visits to different countries to meet your new family members!

  • Each week, you’ll also have access to over 16 interactive practice sessions with fellow students and 4 classes with teachers, ensuring daily practice and consistent progress.

Here is what Michel had to say about the membership:

I don’t think if you asked me one year ago, I could imagine speaking English like a native. I learned how to speak, but I also learned how to organize my thoughts. I started learning English a long time ago in my country. But when I came to the United States, I was confused, frustrated, and lost. The American accent was my biggest challenge, and understanding native Americans seemed impossible. But finding Teacher Tiffani changed my life; she brightened my future and gave me hope. By jumping right in, I've become a confident English speaker, on my way to speaking like a native.” ~ Michel | DRC 

This is what’s included in the Speak English Like a Native membership 

The Secret 5-Step Formula to Speak English Like a Native Almost Instantly  

This formula summarizes what natives learn in 8 years of high school and college English classes into a much faster and easier process.

You’ll listen to how natives talk, understand their style, and start speaking naturally almost instantly. 

A New Topic Each Month 

Every month, you’ll apply the 5-Step Formula to the most debated topics in America right now.

Topics include technology, fashion, travel, dating, marriage, artificial intelligence, life goals, failure, and more.

So every month you’ll develop your knowledge about the world. 

Access to a Community of Over 1,000 Students Worldwide 

This is one of the most important features of this membership.

You’ll have a new family. It will be like having your mother and siblings cheering for you and pushing you to improve.

You will never feel alone anymore in your journey. 

2+ Weekly Live Classes with a Teacher and Fellow Students

Reinforce your learning with weekly classes.

During these classes, you can practice everything you learn, like new expressions, words, etc...

And a teacher will be here to correct you when you make mistakes. 

Over 16 Hours of Weekly Practice Sessions

These live practice sessions are not recorded and happen only between students.

Bond with students worldwide, regardless of your time zone. You have access to several time slots daily.

You don’t have to participate daily, but it’s one of the best ways to improve your English because you can speak freely and without judgment.

Monthly Live Sessions with Teacher Tiffani and Fellow Learners

Every month, you’ll talk to me during live Zoom classes. You’ll be able to ask me anything you want.

This membership is the most powerful tool I know to make you speak English like a native fast.
Hundreds of students have already changed their lives and can now live and work in America... 

“Teacher Tiffani clearly shows us how to achieve our goals. If I study a topic using the 5 steps, I am then able to speak about the topic. It’s amazing to see my improvement directly.”

Michiyo | Japan 

“I started studying English many years ago. But the dream of speaking English like a native never came. So I was frustrated, and I had already given up. When I found teacher Tiffani, I enrolled in this membership. I was afraid to speak English in front of others, but now I can see my English improving day by day, and I am sure that I am on the right path to speaking English like a native.”

Chris Machado | Brazil 

And this could be you too.

Imagine the pride your children or other family members will feel when they notice that you learned to speak like a native in just a year.

I’m sure you will love it, but if you don’t like what you see inside the membership, you are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

It’s simple. You can try the Speak English Like a Native membership for 30 days, and if you don’t love it, simply ask for your money back.


5-Step Formula To Speak Like A Native ($997 Value)

Exclusive Family Community ($297 Value)

2 weekly classes with a teacher ($497 Value)

Over 16 hours of weekly practice sessions ($897 Value)

Monthly live meetings with me ($297 Value) 


But today, you're getting all of this...

FOR ONLY $750/year

(or $75/ month)

The Choice Is Yours...

So, you can continue struggling with methods not tailored to help you speak naturally and intuitively.
Or you can take the shortcut and learn to speak English like a native almost immediately...
Join an amazing community of serious and committed English learners who have big dreams and goals to achieve.
The choice is yours, but if you want fast and guaranteed results, you should at least try it. 

5-Step Formula To Speak Like A Native ($997 Value)

Exclusive Family Community ($297 Value)

2 weekly classes with a teacher ($497 Value)

Over 16 hours of weekly practice sessions ($897 Value)

Monthly live meetings with me ($297 Value) 


But today, you're getting all of this...

FOR ONLY $750/year

(or $75/ month)


1. What is included in this membership? 

You’ll get access to:

  • A 5-step Formula for learning English as native English speakers learn in high school
  • A community of over 1,000 English speakers worldwide, just like you
  • 16 weekly hours of practice sessions to speak with other students
  • 2 weekly classes to practice with a teacher and fellow students
  • One monthly class with me and the other students

I'm Ready

2. I'm really shy about speaking English. Will this membership help me?

Absolutely! Our program is designed with shyness in mind. The non-recorded practice sessions provide a safe, judgment-free environment where you can build confidence at your own pace. Plus, the supportive community of fellow learners helps ease any anxiety about speaking.
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3. I’ve tried other English courses and didn’t see results. How is this different?

The unique 5-Step Formula is tailored to mimic the natural learning process of native speakers, focusing on real-life conversation patterns rather than just grammar and vocabulary. This method has proven effective for many students who previously struggled with traditional learning methods.
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4. I’m worried about not understanding the American accent. Will this program help?

Definitely! Our membership includes listening to real-life conversations between native speakers. This exposure is crucial in understanding various accents, including the American accent, and will significantly improve your listening skills.
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5. Is this suitable for beginners or only advanced learners?

Our program is designed to cater to a wide range of proficiency levels, but this will be hard if you are a beginner. But as long as you are at least at the intermediate level, this will be perfect for you.

The intermediate level means you can understand standard spoken and written English, though you may occasionally have complex grammar and vocabulary difficulties.
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6. What if I join and find out it’s not for me?

No worries at all! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the membership doesn’t meet your expectations within the first 30 days, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.
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7. Are the teachers and other students friendly and supportive?

Absolutely! Our teachers are experienced, patient, and deeply committed to your learning journey. Plus, the community of over 1,000 students worldwide is incredibly welcoming and supportive. Many of our members form lasting friendships and connections.

Look at what Joceline had to say about the community:

“What I found in this academy that I didn’t find anywhere else is that people don’t judge you. Real friends. You find people who tell you that you can do it!”
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8. Can I really start thinking and speaking like a native in just a year?

While everyone's learning pace is different, many of our students experience a significant transformation in their ability to think and speak English within a year. Consistent practice and engagement with the materials are key to achieving this goal.
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9. Do I have to participate in the practice sessions every day?

Not at all. While I encourage regular participation for the best results, I understand that daily attendance is not achievable for everyone. You can join the sessions as your schedule allows, and you'll still see progress in your English skills.
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10. Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. You can test drive the membership for 30 days. I am sure you will LOVE it, but if you don’t, you can ask for your money back, no questions asked.
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11. How much does it cost?

The monthly price is just $75 per month.
The yearly price is $750 per year (you save $100).
The lifetime access that many students choose is $1,275, paid just one time.
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12. How much time will it take me every day?

You can spend 15 to 30 minutes daily or more. The most important thing is to be consistent.
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13. What if I skip one day?

No problem at all. 
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